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Product Feature
  • 100% recyclable, reusable; made from recycled paperboard
  • Excellent load stability
  • Exceptional strength for stacking and compression
  • Improved pallet stacking to maximize storage space
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Vashist Paper Products aims to provide complete protective packaging solutions thus transforming the way goods are transported. Our products include an extensive range of edge protectors and angular boards to protect, stabilize and reinforce palletized loads during transportation and warehousing.

    Made from compressed recycled high-strength paperboard, our edge protectors provide an economical and environment-friendly method of improving load stability.

    Our edge protectors are designed to prevent damage from shifting and protect goods from accidental corner and edge impact. Used in conjunction with strap or stretch film, our edge protectors help in unitization and protection while optimizing truckload space and simplifying packaging processes.

    Custom-manufactured to specific requirements, Vashist Paper Products’s edge protectors are available in a variety of lengths, leg-sizes, thicknesses, colors and printing features for branding and visibility.